WP 3 - Developing and evaluating novel imaging technologies

A detailed characterisation of arterial healing (including thrombotic processes) after DES implantation in man remains a key scientific gap and is central to the development of techniques targeted at reduction of the burden of late stent thrombosis. PRESTIGE therefore is going to advance novel imaging technologies by utilizing a multidisciplinary approach bringing together imaging engineers, basic researchers, and clinical imaging specialists. PRESTIGE will mainly focus on two imaging technologies:

  1. Optical coherence tomography (OCT) for preclinical and clinical imaging and
  2. Near-infrared fluorescence molecular imaging (NIRF).

We expect that novel imaging technologies will critically contribute to reduction in the burden of late ST (a) through identification of surrogate parameters indicating the risk of late ST and hence allowing a individualized anti-thrombotic therapy and (b) via the identification of early markers indicative of late ST. A better mechanistic understanding of the pathophysiology behind late ST (gained through WP1) will be invaluable, as it will identify novel targets for the above imaging approaches.

WP3 Leader: Dr G. Guagliumi
Co-Leader: Prof. Dr V. Ntziachristos


Prof. Dr Adnan Kastrati
Project Coordinator
German Heart Centre Munich
TU Munich

Per Larsen
Project Manager
German Heart Centre Munich
TU Munich

Dr Hans Sawade
neoplas GmbH