WP 2 - Developing and validating novel strategies to reduce late ST

In a multidisciplinary approach combining basic science, preclinical research and small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), PRESTIGE will translate the mechanistic information gained into the development and validation of new therapeutic strategies including novel stent devices with reduced thrombotic risk and improved healing characteristics. PRESTIGE will focus specifically on molecular targets that mediate thrombus formation preferentially within coronary stents, but play a minor role for clot formation during normal haemostasis. In doing so, PRESTIGE will foster the development of novel treatment options that reduce the risk of late ST in patients undergoing DES implantation (in contrast to the current anti-platelet strategies), but have only minor effects on bleeding.

WP2 Leader: Dr M. Joner
Co-Leader: Prof. Dr D. Letourneur


Prof. Dr Adnan Kastrati
Project Coordinator
German Heart Centre Munich
TU Munich

Per Larsen
Project Manager
German Heart Centre Munich
TU Munich

Dr Hans Sawade
neoplas GmbH